Dehydrated lime (Citrus aurantiifolia)

Lime belongs to citrus fruits, a genus of plants within the Rutaceae family, originating in Southeast Asia. It is thought to be a hybrid created by the cross of lemons and cedar, although part of the scientific community does not agree with this theory. Although very similar to lemon, lime is less pungent but also contains a smaller amount of vitamin C.

Lime is an evergreen tree up to 4 - 5 meters high. It is a long-lived tree, often living up to 150 years. Nevertheless, it is considered that the best results in cultivation are up to 12 years of age. Its branches are broad and irregular, with short hard twigs, small leaves and small sharp thorns. The flower of a lime is white in color and very fragrant; there are male and female flowers on the same tree, making the plant itself inbred. The fruit is usually about 3 to 4 cm in diameter, oval to almost spherical in shape, and the peel is thin and greenish yellow when the fruit is ripe. The pulp is tender, juicy, yellowish green in color and extremely acidic. Lime has a higher concentration of sugar and acid than lemon. There are, however, some varieties that lack citric acid and they are known as sweet lime. They are cultivated in Egypt and in certain tropical countries.

Lime is a key item in Indian, Mexican, Vietnamese, Persian, Iranian and Thai cuisine. Mexicans eat lime soup, while in India they sour lime and add it to various dishes. It is also a key ingredient in the famous guacamole dip. Lime is a favorite citrus in the cocktail scene. It pairs perfectly with gin, vodka, and rum based drinks. Lime juice is an integral part of the Margarita, Mojito, Gimlet and Cuba Libre cocktails. Its juice and oil are often used in perfumes, cleansers and aromatherapy.

The use of dehydrated lime for private purposes or at the bar ensures a longer fruit life than when fresh. As with other fresh fruit used in bars as a decoration and addition to drinks, lime as well, if not used, after two days it loses its aromatic properties and can be thrown away. Dehydrated lime is ideal for bar usage because of the optimum use of the whole fruit as well as the reduced amount of fruit needed.

All of Botanica's dehydrates are dehydrated in professional dehydrators under certain conditions to ensure the perfect final product - every time. Also, when a guest receives fresh citrus as a drink decoration, he/she often squeezes the fruit into the drink, which throws the taste of the drink into imbalance. Dehydrated fruit contains a high concentration of aroma and flavor, which automatically means that a smaller quantity needs to be used.

Dehydrated lime is the perfect decoration for cocktails, hot drinks, soft drinks, desserts, meat dishes, and as an addition to marinades. Lime gives your drinks a citrusy aroma and it also pairs well with Mediterranean herbs as well as with other less complex spices.

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