Dehydrated coconut


Dehydrated coconut

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NAME: Cocosnucifera

FAMILY: Arecaceae


APPEARANCE: white fruit and brown bark

TASTE: fresh, sweet and full of flavor

HEALING POWERS: contains the vitamins C, E, iron, calcium, magnesium; strengthens hair, skin, lowers cholesterol levels, helps fight anemia

PART OF PLANT: fruit (walnut)

PROCESSING METHOD: the slices are dried in a dehydrator under controlled conditions

Fun fact

  • during World War II, coconut was filled with explosives and used as a weapon.
  • the coconut seed is impermeable to seawater in which it can swim up to 4,500 kilometers and then germinate, undamaged, on the ground.



  • desserts, in Filipino and Indonesian cuisine it serves as a main ingredient, coconut milk and water as a drink, coconut oil for cooking, dried and grates as flour


  • ingredient and decoration for various cocktails, especially in cocktails like Piña Colada
  • excellent for warm beverages and hot chocolate
  • often combined with pineapple
  • for drinks based on gin, vodka, tequila, star anise based herbal liqueurs

Packing and storage

  • dark, dry place at room temperature

  • shelf life: 12 months

Cocktails ideal for this herb

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