Juniper berries


Juniper berries

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NAME: Juniperuscommunis

FAMILY: Cupressaceae

ORIGIN: Macedonia

APPEARANCE: dark blue berries, hard texture

TASTE: pungent and sharp; bitter-sweet

HEALING POWERS: mild diuretic, helps with bloating, PMS, lowers blood sugar, is used as an ingredient in various medicines and treatments


PROCESSING METHOD: after harvesting the berries are dried in the sun

Fun fact

  • in the first book on medicinal plants in this region , the Juniper page remained blank because it was impossible to enumerate all the medicinal properties that it contains
  • juniper berries are traditionally used in gin production and are the main ingredient that gives gin its characteristic aroma



  • cooking seasoning, seasoning added to soups, fish and meat products, sauces, marinades, stuffing


  • the berries are used to make gin, wine and beer, and it can be used as a decoration added to gin-tonic in order to further emphasize the taste of the gin
  • juniper goes well with Mediterranean spices and citrus

Packing and storage

  • dark, dry place at room temperature
  • shelf life: 24 months

Cocktails ideal for this herb

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