Dehydrated orange (Citrus sinensis)

Oranges are a citrus fruit; a genus of plants in the Rutaceae family. Evergreen shiny leaves, fragrant white flowers and round fruit with an orange peel, are the recognizable elements of an orange tree. The tree is up to 12 meters in height, and on average, the tree bears fruit for as much as a hundred years. One tree can produce up to 1000 fruits under favorable conditions, and usually produces about 500 fruits a year. Oranges are thought to originate in Asia, from which they spread, and reach Europe in the 15th century. Sweet orange, which is the most widespread and everyone's favorite today, is actually a hybrid between pomelo and manderine.

Oranges are rich in vitamins, including: C, B1, B9 (folic acid) and A, potassium, calcium and fiber. Along with other types of citrus fruits, it is one of the most powerful cancer fighters. In addition, it improves skin and hair appearance, helps with respiratory diseases and arthritis, protects against influenza, reduces inflammation and prevents high blood pressure. Oranges contain as many as 58 anticancer substances, which is more than any other food. In addition to nutritional purposes, the orange is the queen of aromatherapy in the fight against anxiety and depression. 

Dehydrated oranges last longer than fresh oranges, whether for private use or at the bar. When preparing a workstation, bartenders cut fresh fruit and then throw it away after the workday, because fresh fruit simply cannot survive for more than 3 days. On the other hand, by using dehydrated fruits, the preparation itself becomes shorter and the fruit is optimally used.

All of Botanica's dehydrates are dehydrated in professional dehydrators under certain conditions to ensure the perfect final product - every time. Also, when a guest receives fresh citrus as a drink decoration, he/she often squeezes the fruit into the drink, which throws the taste of the drink into imbalance. Dehydrated fruit contains a high concentration of aroma and flavor, which automatically means that a smaller quantity needs to be used.

Dehydrated oranges are a perfect decoration for cocktails, like the popular Aperol Spritz, warm beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, desserts, meat dishes, and as an addition to marinades. They give beverages a citrusy scent and compliment nicely with Mediterranean herbs. They also pair well with spices like cinnamon, star anise, cloves, as well as with chocolate. In addition to cooking and catering, dehydrated oranges can also be used for home decorating purposes, especially at Christmas time.

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